TFB Trilla 1/1 GN rauð

Stærð: 170 x 415 x 615mm ( HxBxD )
For quick and easy transport of THERMO FUTURE BOX Gastronorm 1/1 premium boxes (items 10023 to 10063) and Gastronorm front loaders 10400 and 10450 . 

The transport roller for containers with external dimensions of 60 x 40 cm is very robust, made from a high-quality and impact-resistant ABS frame. The chassis has 2 high-quality fixed and 2 swivel castors, each with a galvanized housing, and can be maneuvered quickly and easily. The reels are made of high quality plastic material (PP), ball bearings and equipped with a thread guard, which guarantee a long service life.

The tread made of thermoplastic rubber rolls very comfortably and quietly even on bumps and masters gravel roads without any problems. This transport roller has a load capacity of 250 kg.
Vörunúmer: 70280
Verð: 24.738 kr.

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