TFB Pizza taska svört 45x45 cm

Stærð: 120 x 450 x 450mm ( HxBxD ) innri mál
Pizza insulating bag for 3-4 pizza boxes.
For real pizza fans, a crispy dough is the top priority! This is a major challenge for any delivery service. In addition to the well-known insulating boxes from Thermo Future Box, which are available to fit many pizza formats, the soft insulating bags made of black plastic fabric are now used here. Because the pizza should arrive crispy and still be at the right temperature.
Thermo Future Box pizza delivery bags are made from durable black vinyl plastic fabric. The robust material with a non-slip surface stays in good shape even at high temperatures or in the rain. The stable material structure with additional foam insulation means that the bag always stands upright and pizza boxes lie horizontally without slipping. Hot steam in the interior, which inevitably leads to moisture, can escape without any problems, and the eyelets on the side for the steam outlet reinforce this effect.
The pizza delivery bags are easy to clean on the outside and inside with a damp cloth and can therefore be used for a very long time in a clean condition.
Thermo Future Box insulated pizza bags have a handle in the middle that keeps the bag level and is very easy and quick to grab. All models are equipped with a transparent pocket for order slips on the outside. Flat models for 3-4 pizzas have a closure flap with a practical Velcro fastener. With high models for 5-6 pizzas, the front edges are also securely closed with two zippers.
Vörunúmer: 39545
Verð: 10.900 kr.

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